Principal Investigator

Prof. Andrew C. Weems

Stocker Center 247
Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Translational Biosciences Program, Molecular and Chemical Biosciences Programs, Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute

Ohio University

Graduate Students

David Merckle

Translational Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

Ohio iCorp Summer 2021 Early Career Researcher

David Merckle is a graduate of Marietta College with a degree in environmental science and is continuing his education at Ohio University by pursuing his PhD in translational biomedical science.  He comes from rural Appalachian Ohio and has worked as a substitute teacher, as well as analytical environmental chemist, and a quality assurance officer for Microbac Laboratories Inc.  His current research focus is on the development of a degradable shape memory polymer that mimics adipose tissue and promotes tissue regeneration and can be used for void filling in patients who have had significant tissue loss, whether in an accident or surgery.  Additionally, he is working on a project aimed at recycling discarded poly(styrene) into a 3D printable resin as well as aiming to develop a polymer that can be used as an implantable device that degrades in a controlled release of gabapentin thereby reducing the necessary dosage normally prescribed and thus reducing the risk of opiate dependency.   

Eric Constant

Translational Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

Olivia King

Molecular and Cellular Biology PhD Program

Olivia King is a graduate of Walsh University with a degree in Biology. She is pursuing her master’s in biomedical engineering at Ohio University with full intentions on completing a PhD in either translational biomedical sciences or molecular & cellular biology. Her current research focus is on the characterization of poly(β-hydroxy-thioether) foams and their biological effects. Additionally, she is working on a project focusing on degradable 3D printable polymers that will release salicylic acid in a controlled manner to reduce inflammation in/on the area of application. Her interests are in tissue engineering and bioprinting, with a long-term goal of working for a national or government lab. 

Scott Brooks

Mechanical Engineering PhD Program

NASA Ohio Fellow

Scott Brooks is a graduate of Hope College with a degree in biomedical engineering and is continuing his education at Ohio University by pursuing his PhD in mechanical engineering. Scott’s research is focused on developing poly(sulfide-co-esters) using inverse vulcanization to take advantage of the large surplus of elemental sulfur produced every year as a byproduct of the petroleum industry. Using polyesters as biomaterials crosslinked with the polysulfides from the sulfur, the resulting material is intended to be 3D printed to create orthopedic medical devices, such as bone grafts and long bone plates that mimic the physical properties of bone tissue. The device will have osteogenic cueing capabilities of the sulfur with the 4D and degradation properties of the polyesters to allow for minimally invasive surgical techniques while cueing bone growth at desired location reducing the need for device removal surgeries and mitigating the risk of infection during the initial surgery. Scott’s interests are in material science and engineering for biomedical and defense system’s application with a long-term goal of starting his own research and development company.

Grant Guggenbiller

Biomedical Engineering Masters Program

Grant Guggenbiller graduated from Ohio University, Russ College of Engineering and Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. He is continuing his education at OU to pursue a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering. Grant’s current research focus in on the electrospinning of polymers for biomedical applications including implantable device creation and modification. Grant’s interests are in tissue engineering, biomedical devices, and biocompatibility of developed materials.  

Former Students

Zach Cartwright

Mechanical Engineering

PhD Student at Colorado State University

Ryan Wilson

Mechanical Engineering

Ryan Wilson is currently in the final year (2021-2022) of his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering. He is planning on pursuing a graduate degree in biomedical engineering post-graduation. Ryan’s interest is in tissue scaffolding and other implantable devices.