3D Printers

Stereolithography/Digital Light Processing

Romanoff 405 nm DLP used for 30 micron resolution photopolymerizations

Direct Ink Writing and Bioprinting

Homebuilt DIW printer suitable for shear-thinning polymers and composites, including photopolymer inks, resins, composite-laden polymers, etc.

Selective Laser Sintering (Polymer) (SLS)

Sintratec powder SLS printer

Materials Characterization

Rheometry and Rheology

TA HR3 Rheometer

Customized Photorheology System (365 nm, 405 nm, visible light (broad), tunable wavelength; variable light source output power)

TA HR2 Rheometer with heating unit – up to 600C

Rheolabs Optical Rheometer

Dynamic Mechanical Characterization


Thermal Characterization

TA Q600 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) with autosampler

TA SDT (DSC with Thermogravimetric Analysis)

Polymer Sizing and Characterization


UV-vis photospectrometer

Mechanical Characterizations

Instron tensiometer with attached oven